” Curse of knowledge”

Laura Varlas wrote about the challenge in communicating between people who have different level of understanding in one concept which is what happen every day at school as teacher and student communication in the teaching and learning process.

How are we going to teach children a concept that they know nothing or very little about? The same thing happens when we think about conveying ICT knowledge and skill to the students. As preservice teachers, we know that we need to put our feet in their shoes to understand the way they learn in order to successfully teach them about using ICTs. However, the real challenge is imagining that we do not know everything about ICTs, we do not know how to turn on a program, what they are used for, what the difference between username and password is. There are so many things about ICTs that as a teacher of a classroom, we cannot assume that the student know this. One child who I know took a whole week to figure out that he needs to click on the red cross on the top right corner to exit a program. Surprisingly, this particular child is a 7 years old child, and it is only 6 years ago when this happened. The reason for this is that he came from a rural area in Vietnam where he has no access to any modern technology. The story of this boy raises the questions of how to teach not only just those students who are ICT disadvantageous but also every student to become effective ICT users?

What to teach?

When to teach?

How to teach?

Hanna Vu

Image retrieved from http://knowledgestor.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/practical-knowledge.jpg


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