Teaching kids to be creative

In this post of Tom Barrett, he outlined characteristics of a creative individual by using a concept of the creative process which is “creative flow” by Mihaly Csikszentmihakyi. from looking at this concept, I understood that a creative individual could either be in a balance or extreme of those characteristics. In a teacher perspective, creativity is essential to all students. Sir Ken Robinson(2006) has stated that creativity important as literacy in education. I agree that the students need creativity for learning, for living for success in all aspects of now and the future. However, how do we teach them to be creative? How do we teach them to use those characteristics to help them develop the ability of creativity?

In this presentation, Sir Ken Robinson suggested that instead of building creativity, our education system is killing the ability to be creative in each person by the way it has been set up to prevent students from being wrong. This is obviously what happening in the education in general and in using ICT as a new approach in education in particular. Teachers are afraid of  letting the children explore the technology because they think they might accidently do something wrong with this. But learning ICT is all about exploring, trying and making mistakes before finding out something new. Without preparing to be wrong, they never come up with other choices (Robinson, 2006). Now, that other choices represent creativity. Preparing to be wrong has been mentioned in Tom Barrett’s blog post as risk taking, a characteristic of being a creative individual so that we have other choices to choose from while learning ICT in class.

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