What kind of amazement you can get from Microsoft Paint

I think Microsoft Paint is a very familiar tool for most of us, the people who grew up in the era of Microsoft Windows operation system. I remember myself as a 7 years old girl sitting in front of my first junky computer, it was my dad’s computer actually,  for hours to draw on this Microsoft Paint. I remember that I had alway tried to draw something, as what imagine, so pretty with this program, but it had always come out nothing like what I had imagined. I gave up the thought that this program can produce something pretty and elegant and have only used it to for very basic drawing until I watched this video.

Guessing I did not try enough then. The painting in this video has truly amazed me. Using technology is clearly all about understanding the technology you are using and keep practicing the skill to master the technology.

Hanna Vu

Image retrieved from https://grok.lsu.edu/image/31596.png

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